Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete or edit an entry in Tap Tap Send?

Swiping left over the entry will reveal “edit” and “delete” buttons.

Will Tap Tap Send work on my iPhone or iPod?

Yes, as long as your iPhone or iPod is running iOS 11 or above.

What about the iPad and Apple Watch?

Tap Tap Send is not a native iPad app, but iPads are supported via compatibility mode (but watch this space, full iPad support is coming very soon). The Apple Watch is not supported at this time (but it is on the roadmap for the future).

I’m trying to Go Pro, but it won’t let me.

Going Pro via an In-App purchase is no longer supported — version 2 of Tap Tap Send is Pro throughout.

The good news is, if you already have version 1 of Tap Tap Send, you can upgrade to Version 2 for free via the App Store and get all the Pro features – for free.

Is Tap Tap Send available on Android?

Sorry, not at this time. Tap Tap Send is only available for Apple iOS devices.

Does Tap Tap Send collect my personal information?

We are not interested in your private, personal or financial information. We do not collect it, we do not want it, please do not send it to us!

To help make Tap Tap Send better we do collect some anonymous usage statistics, known as analytics, but you can turn this off if you want.

For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

I am stuck. How do I get help?

Just drop us an email.