Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete or edit an entry in Tap Tap Send?

Swiping left over the entry will reveal “edit” and “delete” buttons.

You can also delete multiple entries at once using multi-select, by swiping right, then selecting all the entries you want to remove.

Why does the same template appear several times?

This can happen in certain circumstances, especially when you sync multiple devices via iCloud. Usually this only happens when you first install Tap Tap Send on a new device and then activate sync. This usually only affects the five built-in templates that are automatically created for you, and the solution is to simply delete any that you don’t need. This will be fixed in a future release.

I bought an earlier version, do I need to buy again?

No. All the features you paid for from version 1 or 2 of Tap Tap Send are still available to you in version 3, at no additional cost. As a thank-you for supporting us over the years, we have also included a few extra features free of charge (which includes, multi-select, a better iPad experience, extra template variables and an enhanced URL scheme).

You can unlock all the new features (which includes, dark mode, groups, cloud sync and enhanced display options + more) with a monthly or yearly subscription, or you can unlock all these new features forever with a discounted lifetime upgrade.

Why subscriptions?

In short: Subscriptions are the only viable way to fund support and further development — Read why.

Will you increase my monthly/yearly price?

There are no plans to increase prices for existing subscribers — the price you subscribed at will be the price you pay (until you choose to cancel).

Over time, as new features are added, the price for new subscriptions may go up. But the intention is that existing subscribers will be locked in at the lower price that they originally signed up at.

It is worth pointing out that Apple do occasionally review the exchange rates and tax rates associated with all App Store pricing tiers and make adjustments accordingly — this may affect the price everyone pays. But we never plan to increase prices for existing subscribers.

Is there an alternative to subscriptions?

Absolutely — while subscriptions provide a lower monthly/yearly price for using Tap Tap Send, I appreciate they aren’t for everyone. A lifetime purchase option is available, and it will be the best value if you plan to use Tap Tap Send over many years.

Why does Tap Tap Send need access to my Contacts?

Tap Tap Send needs access to your Contacts so we can provide a streamlined experience within the app, allowing you to select contacts for favouriting or messaging.

Your contacts never leave your device, we do not use them for any form of marketing or analytics, not even in an anonymised or aggregated way. Simply put, Tap Tap Send only accesses your contacts when you need to do something with them.

We are not interested in your private, personal or financial information. For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

Does Tap Tap Send collect my personal information?

We are not interested in your private, personal or financial information. We do not collect it, we do not want it, please do not send it to us!

To help make Tap Tap Send better we do collect some anonymous usage statistics, known as analytics, but you can turn this off if you want.

For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

Will Tap Tap Send work on my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

Yes, as long as your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is running iOS 11.2 or above.

Is Tap Tap Send available on Apple Watch?

Tap Tap Send is not available on Apple Watch at this time (but it is on the roadmap for the future).

Is Tap Tap Send available on Android?

Sorry, not at this time. Tap Tap Send is only available for Apple iOS devices.

I am stuck. How do I get help?

Just drop us an email.