Tap Tap Send v2.8.1

This is a maintenance release, making under-the-hood changes in preparation for the next big thing. New in version 2.8.1 Under-the-hood changes in preparation for the next big thing. Added links to the FAQ and Blocks Away

Tap Tap Send 2.7

In a single word, this release is all about “Sorting”. You can now reorder all your templates in any order you want. Global templates now also show a tiny handy globe to help distinguish them. The URL scheme is also much improved, making it easier to integrate with other workflow style apps. Read: The URL …

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Tap Tap Send v2.6

Pick any contact — that’s what’s new in this release. In addition to favourites, you can now pick any contact from your address book and fire off one of your pre-written message templates #OnlyFavouriteYourFavourites. We’re also looking gorgeous on iPhone X and iOS 11, by the way. New in version 2.6 The lowest supported version …

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Tap Tap Send v2.5

Templates for everyone — that’s what you’re getting in this release. It’s now a piece of cake to set up template messages for use with all of your chosen contacts, in addition to them each having their own. We’re calling this feature Global Templates — goodbye duplication. For good measure we’re also throwing in template …

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Tap Tap Send v2.4

2.4 switches out some old, now unsupported, under-the-hood frameworks and improves the contact details screen in preparation for future goodies New in version 2.4 The oldest supported version of iOS is now iOS 9. Internal upgrade to address book functionality. Upgraded user-interface for Contact Details. Exterminated a few more bugs.

Tap Tap Send v2.3

Continuing to build on recent improvements, you can now kick off a blank message. New in version 2.3 the ability to start a blank message cleaned up a few animation issues

Tap Tap Send v2.2

This release adds a url scheme so you can launch Tap Tap Send from third-party app launchers. Read: The URL Scheme New in version 2.2 A url scheme (taptapsend://) Improvements to the user-interface The removal of several bugs

Tap Tap Send v2.1

Building on the big changes in 2.0, this release adds the ability to reorder items. New in version 2.1 the ability to reorder items via tap-hold-and-drag a tutorial on first launch better UK/US localization the squashing of several bugs.

Tap Tap Send 2 Has Landed

You asked and we listened – Version 2 of Tap Tap Send is like a breath of fresh air, with a completely revamped user-interface. It does what it says on the tin, and the tin says: A modern, efficient and sleek design. No more adverts. Unlimited favourites and template messages for everyone. A separate set …

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Tap Tap Send v1.2

This release brings improved support for iOS7 and improvements to the UI. New in version 1.2 Ready for iOS7 Larger and easier to tap menu buttons. A new ‘back’ button.