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Fantastic New Features

Break out the trumpets — Tap Tap Send 3 is here, and it’s the big update you’ve all been waiting for. Version 3 is codenamed “Big Bertha”, and for very good reasons. Think: “Sync”, “Groups” and “better iPad support”, amongst others. Here is the full breakdown …

Cloud Sync

Sync via iCloud

Keep your templates and favourites in sync across all of your devices. Your data is synced via your iCloud account, so it’s completely private to you.

Sync can be enabled or disabled from the settings menu (just tap the small “i” on the toolbar).

Sync Settings
Sync Multiple Devices via iCloud

Group Screenshots


Message your entire family, the whole team, or all your friends in one go. Just add everyone into a group and message them all at once. Or you can expand the group and message an individual directly.

To create a group, select all the Favourites using multi-select, then tap the “Group” button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The name of the group can be changed by swiping left and choosing “Edit”.

You can also message a group of people without creating an actual group. Just use multi-select to pick all the favourites that you want to message and then tap “Send”, instead of “Group”.

Groups can have their own set of message templates and their own display options.

Tablet And Phone

Improved iPad Experience

Tap Tap Send now works natively on iPad, and is especially useful with Slide Over or Split View, where you can quickly fire off a message without leaving the task at hand.

Slideover screenshot on iPad with Lake Titikaka and Puno in the background

Multiselect screenshot


Select several entries at the same time by swiping right to reveal the multi-select checkboxes.

Swipe right for multi-select

The toolbar at the bottom of the screen shows the options you can perform on all the selected items.

You can use multi-select to send a message to several favourites at once, create a group or delete.

To reorder your favourites or templates, long press on an entry and then drag it into the right place.

Filter Contacts

Sometimes it is the smallest feature that makes all the difference.

Now, when selecting from all of your contacts, you can quickly filter on name, phone number or email address — letting you quickly find the right person.

Filter Contacts Screenshot

Enhanced Options

Options Screenshot

iMessage to Email Addresses

You can now send iMessages to contacts that only have an email address.

Font Size

Size is Everything

Entries can now be small, medium or large, making it quicker to pick the right one.

Hide Global Templates

Sometimes the global templates aren’t relevant, so now they can be shown or hidden for each of your favourites.

For Power Users

URL Scheme

The URL scheme now supports x-callback-url

Template Variables

There is now a new template variable for {nickname}

Pricing & Upgrades

Subscriptions are important to the future of Tap Tap Send, as they allow me to fully support the app, give it the TLC it deserves, and release new features as soon as they are ready. Read about why I chose subscription pricing.

You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription, or unlock Tap Tap Send for life with a single in-app purchase.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Tap Tap Send, don’t worry — all the features you know and love, that you paid for previously, are still available to use at no extra cost, plus a few of the new features are available for free. The full set of new features (including cloud sync and groups) are available as a discounted upgrade.

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