A new website for a new decade

It’s official – Tap Tap Send now has it’s very own corner of the internet — here at TapTapSend.app (that’s right, it’s a “.app”) — and to celebrate I want to explain why this is important and share a little secret with you.

I created Tap Tap Send way back in 2012, and since then it has been one of the few apps that I use on a daily basis. It lives in the thumb-tappable hotspot of my home screen and has probably saved me hours of typing and endless accidents while trying to send messages and walk at the same time. If you use Tap Tap Send you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Tap Tap Send Icon

You will also have noticed that Tap Tap Send now has a new app icon – we’re now on orange, but it wasn’t always the white that you’re accustom to. Version 1 was dark blue, anyone remember that?

The new icon is designed to be much more vibrant than before, more eye catching and easier to find on your home screen. But more importantly, it marks the start of something new, something I’m imaginatively calling “Version 3”.

I’ve teased you a few times before that there is a big update in the works, and now that the Christmas break is behind us I will tease you a bit more 😉

The secret though is that the release of version 3.0 won’t be the end, but the start of a whole host of new feature releases – but don’t worry, the look, feel and speed of the app you all know and love isn’t going away, it’s just going to get a whole lot better.

I’ll explain more in a few of weeks, but in the meantime please let me know what you think of the new site and new app icon.