The template-based messaging app that takes the pain out of sending messages when you’re in a rush.

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Template Messages

Meet Tap Tap Send

The app that lets you quickly fire off pre-typed messages over-and-over again.


Write messages now and save them as templates for sending later.


Designed for one-handed, thumb-tapping use, whilst on-the-go.


SMS • iMessages • Email

or make phone calls

Messaging on-the-go

••• in just three taps •••

Tap • 1

Select a person.

Tap • 2

Select a pre-written template message.

Tap • 3

Hit send — and you’re done.



Bookmark the people you message the most.


Quickly pick from anyone in your address book.


Create personalised message templates for specific people.


Create global message templates that are shown for everyone.



Create groups and message everyone in one go.

Cloud Sync


Keep your templates and favourites in sync via iCloud.

Mail Merge

Use mail-merge style template variables to add a personal touch.


Designed for super-quick messaging in just three taps.

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